Dr. Scholl Foundation awards grant to Chinese IP Resource Center at John Marshall

As published by Bloomberg Business

The Dr. Scholl Foundation has awarded the Chinese Intellectual Property Resource Center at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago a grant to continue the education and cultivation of the intellectual property (IP) profession in China and the U.S.

The Dr. Scholl Foundation was established in 1947, by William M. Scholl, M.D. It is a private foundation, chiefly focused on investing in education, social services and healthcare.

The support from the Dr. Scholl Foundation will help John Marshall’s Chinese IP Resource Center develop programming that continues the law school’s goal of bringing together the U.S. and China on key issues influencing IP law. With the support of the grant, John Marshall has enhanced its China IP summer program. For each of the last eight years, John Marshall has conducted simultaneous mock trials in Beijing, with one judge applying U.S. law, the other applying Chinese law. The Scholl grant has helped John Marshall expand the program to conduct its first mock trial in Shanghai.

John Marshall is overseeing a digitization project that translates selective Chinese IP cases into English, so that American legal and business communities can have a better grasp on practical issues in China. The law school also posts important cases from the federal circuit, translated into Chinese, on the CIPRC website for Chinese IP scholars and practitioners to give them easier access to U.S. law.

Since its founding in 2009, the CIPRC has been at the forefront in developing an international partnership between the U.S. and China on IP issues. The CIPRC’s programs have benefitted more than 1,000 Chinese IP specialists, lawyers, patent examiners, patent re-examiners, judges and academic scholars who have effected changes in their legal and legislative systems as a result of knowledge gleaned from the CIPRC’s programs.